Plant based food delicious enough to turn everyone vegan

Voted Best Restaurant in Cambridge
Voted Best Vegan Restaurant in London

“Comfortably the best restaurant meal I have eaten since becoming vegan!”
“Apart from the fabulous food, the staff are super friendly”
”A brilliant take on vegan food and very reasonably priced”
”Very chill inside. Great service. Amazing flavours”


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Everything at Stem + Glory is made fresh on the premises by our talented team of chefs. At locations in Cambridge and the City of London we serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, evening dining and special tasting menu events. We also have a fine vegan bar serving cocktails, mocktails, craft beer + vegan wine.

Although vegetarian for more than 40 years, I’d not really been enthusiastic about vegan places, as I’d often felt let down by strange-tasting or uninspiring food. Stem + Glory has changed all that for me. The food is absolutely top-notch, well-presented, well-thought out and extremely tasty. There’s a lot of emphasis on the visuals of the food, so it entices the eye before you even have a mouthful. And when you do, flavours are big and full and it’s all mouth-wateringly good. It is seriously good food, no matter what your usual diet.
— S O
Some of the best vegan food on the planet to be found here - healthy, whole food versions of old favourites like lasagne which feel indulgent and taste delicious, but without the heaviness of the originals. Chilled, LA-vibe with modern, classy decor and relaxed tunes. Order their signature kimchi pancakes and their katsu curry for a for a guaranteed taste sensation.
— H G
Today was my third visit and once again the food was amazing. The tofu scramble on sourdough is the best I’ve had anywhere. Service is great too. It’s the one place we always eat at when we’re in Cambridge.
— K C