Stem + Glory is part of a burgeoning plant based movement, and a pioneer in the new world of Crowd supported business.

In October 2016 we successfully raised just under £100,000 on Crowdfunder.co.uk to launch our first location, and in April 2018 we raised over £600,000 on Crowdcube for our third location in London which is due to open late 2018.

Stem + Glory was originally the brainchild of Cambridge yoga studio brand CAMYOGA.

CAMYOGA founder, Louise, a long term vegan, and a vegetarian for more than 30 years, had been rolling the idea of a vegan establishment round in her mind for a long, long time.

Louise's passion for clean, healthy and delicious plant based food, and a desire to win hearts and minds to the vegan movement not by propaganda, but by irresistibly delicious plant based alternatives grew over 35 years of experimenting with plant based foods, and after a happy stroke of luck in 2016 the Stem + Glory name and concept was born.

With the amazing backing and support of CAMYOGA and the people of Cambridge, Stem + Glory opened in October 2016 after a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign which raised almost £100,000 in just 21 days.

The restaurant took off rapidly and we opened location 2 in central Cambridge in November 2017, and began to prepare the brand for a national roll out.

The backdrop to our success has been the rapid and exponential shift in attitudes towards plant based cuisine. We now see animal welfare and veganism regularly in the media, and corporations, supermarkets and ordinary folk are becoming more and more willing to make a stand for healthier and more ethical lifestyles.

Our hope and aim is that we can make a contribution towards this shift in consciousness, in order that we can all live in a more peaceful and harmonious world.